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We have started a destitute home for 6-18 yeas children. There  are 100 seats. They are receiving notorious, foods, medicines, clothing, cultural and sports activities, recreational tour etc. from 1987 to till date. The inmates of that home who have appear  in the 10th  Examination,  have passed  in  the said examination. None of them have failed in this examination . In due course they are all stand  on their won feet in the society.

Cottage Home:

Swadhar Greh:

We have running the unit for distress women from 18 - 60 years women. They are receiving foods, shelter, medicines, clothing and various types of training. After receiving the training women are working in various Hospitals and Nursing home as nurse and Ayahs. and others are engaged in their won business of tailoring and cutting. Now they have secured a sound position in the society.

Mental Retarded Swadhar Greh :

This home is mainly for mentally ill women. They are receiving foods, medicine, clothing, cultural and sports activities, training and recreation tour etc. free of cost. Already we have rehabilitated many  inmates through this centre.

Family Counselings Centre :

This is a centre to meet up the family dispute through thorough counselings by expert counsellors. We receive more that 150 new cases  every year and settled average 90 cases through hole the year. They all are living happily with their family.

Creche :

The organisation has started a creche unit from 0-6 years children. They are looking after by two experts Ayahs. There  are 25 seats, we have collect the children from the poor family to help their mother to earn their livelihood. 


Medical Unit :

We organise different kind of  medical camp for our local people time to time and provide medicine free of cost. 


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