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About Family Counselling Centre:


Family Counselling Centre was started during the year 2003 with the help of Central Social Welfare Board, New Delhi. This family counselling centre focuses on misunderstanding problems, distrust, unemployment, depression, love affair, extra marital affair, per-marital problem, dowry problem etc. 

The family counselling centre help the individual for an enhanced level of functioning when they are unable to cope with the problem brought in by these changes. 

Our family counselling centre aims at reducing the problems and crisis, strengthening family coping skills, effecting positive changes in the attitude, improvement in life style, providing timely counselling and support to lead a qualitative life style.

Objectives of FCC :

  • To create awareness about family problem, marital problem, adolescent problem, sex education etc.

  • To give special education to the family members with support and extra care to the client.

  • To encourage the family to listen to the person in a supportive way.

  • To get emotional support for the family which helps greatly is facing problems.

  • To discuss the family problem with the client very carefully and try to solve the problem with the family.

  • To encourage the role responsibility and need to normalise the activities of the individual and the client.

  • To educate both client and family members as how to handle their family problems.

Counselling is an important role of family counselling centre. The counsellor provides and guides valuable information to the client after getting the brief history from the client and the family members and diagnose about various problem. 

Individual counselling, group counselling, family therapy, behaviour modification therapy, environment modification therapy, marital therapy, reality therapy and psychological support to the client and family members are the main activities of the FCC.We are providing counselling on marital problem, family sex education, economic problem, adolescent problem, helping the alcoholic, ageing, dowry related problems and drug abuse. 

Counsellors are regularly contacting All Women Police Station at Theni, Andipatti, Uthamapalayam, Bodi and District Social Welfare Office in Theni. Regular Subcommittee meetings are conducted once in 3 months. During this meeting Women Police Officials, Lawyers, Welfare Officer, Social Workers, Psychologists, Therapist, District Social Welfare Officer were invited to discuss the problems and solution for different cases. This subcommittee meeting guides the counsellors for the effective implementation of the project. 

During this year, the family counsellors dealt 250 cases related to marital maladjustment with spouse, misunderstanding, Dowry demands and exploitation by neighbour.

Case 1

The client’s name is : Smt. Brihaspati Das(Halder), Residing at Village: Mahamaya, P.O.: Bairagi Chawk, P.S.: Raidighi, Dist: 24 Pgs(south), West Bengal. Age :25 years, Education –class X standard, Occupation - A worker, Level of income- Below poverty level. 

Respondent name is Shri .Lal Mohan Das S/o. Shri Krishna Pada Das, residing at Vill. & P.O.- Balarampur, P.s . : Mathurapur, Dist.: 24 Pgs (south), West Bengal. Occupation–farmer, level of income is not below poverty. Maladjustment problem between husband & wife. 

Smt. Brihaspati Das, D/O. late Dukhiram Halder has lodged a complaint before the family counselings centre against her husband that she is being tortured physically and mentally. For this she is not able to stay to her husband’s home in fear of death. She has left husband’s home with her only son four years back. She was married with Shri Lal Mohan Das in the month of June’2000, it is a negotiated marriage as arrange by their parents .The marriage took place according to the Hindu Rights and customs. Initially they had normal husband and wife relation and it lasted normal up-to two years. During this period one male child was born out of their marriage. Soon after the period one male child was born out of their marriage. Soon after the husband started pressurising her and demanding her to get quit a good sum of money from her parents side which was impossible for her to squeeze out money from the parents side. When proposal was giving by her to her father, he was taken a back and expressed that this quite a some of money couldn’t be arranged and father expressed that it is a kind of torture to him and as well as torture for daughter herself. This malpractice and this practice should be immediately stopped and this case may be taken to the court of law for punishing the son-in-law i.e. husband of this girl. As a consequence she had to come back to her father’s house and lodge a case to the Honorable court, in the mean time her father died. She was completely helpless socially and morally. In such tragic circumstance she became totally helpless and she never knew what to take next step on word. In this tragic situation as she was put in, she was at a loss and she come to us for her rescue from this helpless condition of her life. We immediately took proper attention to her problem since the problem demands for natural justice and immediate counselling started from our side. The husband of the lady was contacted and he met us. Several counselling wear made with her husband and responded to our counselings .Gradually the Client and her husband agreed to stay together peacefully. We have asked the both the party’s guardian to come our office and a settlement was done in their presence with active participation of local officers of the police station on 11.10.2007. Which helped the matter solved. 

Result :


To be on the safe side we are keeping track of their present conjugal life which is still continuing as a normal married life.

Case 2

The client’s name is : Smt. Mamoni Sk.(Bibi), wife of Kashem Sk. She is 30 years old and has two sons. The elder ‘s son is 10 years old & studying class IV. The younger son is 7 years old and studying class II . She is residing With her husband at Moulana Azad Colony , ward No.11 , P.S. : Namkum , Dist.: Ranchi . Her matrimonial house address is : Village & P.O.: Iron , P.S.: Jangipur Court , Dist.: Murshidabad, West Bengal. 

The Kalighat police station (Kolkata) has found a married women in their area, who left by her husband in the Kalighat temple on 04.10.2008. The police station has taken the married women to our short stay home. The case was transferred to the FCC . The counsellors of F.C.C. trough counselling has come to know that she is living with her husband at Ranchi & also we have come to know that her husband has a tendency to leave her for extra marital relationship. She has come to the Kalighat temple (Kolkata) with her husband and has fled away leaving her within the temple area. We have made contact with Namkum Ranchi Police Station and has come to know that the area informed by the client is under the jurisdiction with this Police station .The sub-committee & shri Arup Paul (counselor of F.C.C.) has decided to go to Ranchi with the client in the eve of the Durga Puja festival (Day of Sasthi). Next day we have reached in Ranchi and with the help Namkum Ranchi Police, we have reached the client’s house. We have found the client’s husband, who has taken all measures to left that day. Shri .Arup Paul.counselor of F.C.C. and S.I. of Namkum Ranchi Police Station has made counselling with the client and her husband .They have to agree to continue their conjugal life peacefully.Then in presence of police and the representative of FCC and the client Smt Mamini Sk.(Bibi) has handed over to her husband on 06.10.2008.

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