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From The Desk Of Secretary :

At the first outset, I convey my greetings and good wishes to all our member and well-wishers of our organisation.

The organisation has completed 47 years on the way to render various welfare activities to serve the rural and urban poor women, children and aged men in south 24 pgs and other district of west Bengal. Before going to describe welfare measures taken by organisation, we have to see the economical as well as social status of the inhabitant in our operational area. Most of the inhabitants are living bellow the poverty line. They are solely depended upon agricultural works and some of them are engaged in different allied jobs. They have to compel to spare most of their earnings to arrange their breads and minimum clothing, So they are unable to meet their basic need of their life. Due to poverty, they are not getting proper education, cultural and awareness. Their health and hygiene are also neglected in the every field of life and ultimately they become the burden of the society. Illiteracy, ill health and malnutrition causes the destruction of the backward of the nation and without their development it is very difficult to established a healthy society as they will be the main obstruction on the way of our sustainable development. Our organisation deeply think over the matter and come forward to light a candle of education in order to remove the darkness of illiteracy,  to arrange nutritious foods and medicines for their good, in order  to established a sound mind in them. We have started the following programs for their development.1. Cottage home 2. Swadhar Greh  3. Mental retarded Swadhar Greh  4. Family Counselling Centre  5. Creches and 6. Medical Unit.

After running six programs the organisation has received a remarkable result on the way towards the betterment of the society during 47 years. We are trying our best to do some meaningful activities for development of the poor and weaker section of the society. In this regards we are received the cooperation from our members and our sympathisers to run these programs successfully, without their heartiest help, it is not possible to successful our motto.

          The organisation is to convey our gratitude to the members and local donors who have stretched their hands to run the programs successfully. Thanks to all.


                                                                                                                                                                     -----Partha Das-----

                                                                                                                                                                            General Secretary

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