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About Swadhar Greh:


Violence against women has serious social, economical and health consequence. It not only affects women as individuals but also their families including children, their entire communities , economic conditions and over all development .Violence can have far reaching mental health consequences including post  traumatic stress disorders , suicidal idealisation, depression , anxiety , multiple personality disorder and sexual dis-function .So woman victims needed to be treated with sensitively and proper rehabilitation.

Short Stay home : Case - 1

Smt. Laxmi Naskar, is a married women. She has a son. Her husband is a drunker and character less man. He has tortured his wife mentally and physically regularly. She has forced to leave the house. She has comes to our house for shelter and a job to earn for her livelihood. She was taking shelter in our home. She has taken Ayah training. In the mean time a young named Amar Nath Banerjee has applied to marry women of the Home. She was selected by the man. A marriage ceremony was held on 4.11.02. Now she is passed days happily. She has also given a job of Ayah.

Short Stay home : Case - 2

Smt. Momata Maity, is a married woman. Her husband is a Muslim by religion. So there is no adjustment between the two. Her husband often tortured upon her physically and also mentally. One day she somehow managed to leave her husband house. She has reached Sealdah Station by train. Here a woman has informed her about our Home. Then she has come to our Home. We have started divorce case and after separation order, she was admitted into nursing course. Now she is an employ of a Government Hospital. As per our monitoring she is a marriage woman and now has passing her days nicely.

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