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Success Stories

Sutapa Roy.JPG

Sutapa Roy

On 03.05.2016 at 08.15 pm ASI Indrajit of Karnal Police Station Hariyana, comes to Saujatya Swadhar Greh with a shelter less lady named Sutapa Roy, for admission by the Order of Supt. of Rajakio Uttar Raksha Greh (Kannya),Karnal and Ld. Dc of Kornal.
At the time of admission, Sutapa Roy was mentally and physically unfit. A medical check up was done at M.R.Bangur Govt.Hospital on 5.05.2016. According to medical report we came to know, she was 8 (eight) months pregnant also mentally ill. Treatment continuous at the Dept. of psychology and female. She can’t give any history. She was delivered a female child at M.R.Bangur Hospital on 29.06.2016 at 04:07 p.m.
However, then Sutapa Roy was fit physically and mentally. After long counselings and medically treatment.  We came to know her husband name Anjan Roy and address, phone no from her. We contract her husband by phone, he response to our call.
On 05.01.2017 her husband came to Swadhar Greh , With her two sons and other relatives, also bring ID proof and a letter of Panchayet Pradhan and a another letter of his local police Station with attested photo copy of husband-wife.
Sutapa Roy identify her husband, sons and other relatives.
We handed over Sutapa Roy and her female baby to her husband Anjan Roy.   

Lila Halder( Mondal ).JPG

Lila Halder (Mondal)

Lila Halder ,age 38 years came to Saujatya Short Stay Home (SG) by the order of Sub divisional Magistrate of Sadhar Hooghly, order memo no 934(7) SDM.con dated 14.07.2012 and admitted on 14.07.2012, with the help of Gurap P.S . She was an inmate of Dulal Smriti Sansad, at Khajurdaha,P.S-Gurap, Dist –Hooghly. Accordingly the order her address was, Bijoynagar, Naihati, Dist-24 parganas North. At the time of admission she was physically fit but mentally unfit. Her speaking tone (word) was not clear. Done medically check up at M.R. Bangur Govt. Hospital on 19.07.2012.Also done continue counselling and treatment under PSY. Department of M.R.Bangur Hospital.
After four(4) years continuous counselling and PSY. Medical treatment she become better from earlier. After some days sitting we know that her address is Raidighi, 24 Pgs(s) ( It is not clear due to speech problem). She has three brother and five sister.
On 04.03.2017 (Morning) we started journey towards Raidighi with Lila Halder. Railway Station ‘Mathurapur Road’ after leave  the station we help to identify to Lila Halder’s memory. But she did not identify the place. She indicate a sign, that is burning ghat , After 1 km. we reached burning ghat but no identify by her.
After 12 km journey by Auto when passing “Kharapara” School, Suddenly she shouted and told that was her brother’s school. We stop and went to school. But they did not suggest any information. Then we reached next stop Mondal Para, but she cannot Identify because the roads the change before. We discussed this matter with a young boy, who was standing beside us. He told that he identify Lila and know her father Panchu Mondal. We visited Panchu Mondals’ house with Lila, after 12 years, Lila get her family. Her mother senseless to see Lila. We Handover to her parents on 30.07.2018.

Tina Rui Das.JPG

Tina Rui Das

Tina  Rui Das ,residing at Sahapara, Fartabad P.S. Sonarpur Garia-84,West Bengal. Her age is 35 years . She has studied up-to class ten standard. Her occupation is domestic helper, her level of income is below poverty level.

 Respondent ‘ s name is Shri Santu Rui Das S/O late Makhan Rui Das  ,residing at Fartabad, P.S. Sonarpur.  Garia -84. His age is 55 years. He studied up-to class VIII standard , occupation is labour at Pepsi company, Level of income is not below poverty level.
Marital maladjustment with spouse due to physical & mental torture
Mrs. Tina Rui Das D/O Late Bablu Kundu has lodged a complaint before visiting the family counselling centre, against her husband who was tortured by her heartless & cruel husband ,since the very first day after their marriage .Unfortunately  she has two sons, they were forbidden to have a proper square meal in a day .Her cruel husband deprives his little son’s from proper clothing ,medicine & by keeping  them in a world of darkness without education .He forced his wife Tina Devi to ask money from his in-laws. He suspected that his wife was stealing his money & was spending it  for herself or giving  money to her in- laws. One day suddenly her husband claimed his money was snatched by Tina Devi.
      This is the root from which a tree of quarrels & problem was grown .It   is suggestive as her husband attempted to murder by throwing a sharp object at her neck which injured her horribly.
   In such tragic circumstances she become totally helpless & she unable to think what her next step would be .In this undesirable  situation she completely lost her mind and came to seek help in this helpless condition  of her life .She lodged  a complaint FIR section 498-A & 326 against  her husband at P.S .Sonarpur ,South 24 Pgs, when she was injured badly .We immediate gave sever attention to her care since it  demands natural justice and immediate counselling started by us .The husband of the lady was contacted and we had a conversation . After a several counselings ,at the day  her husband visited  here   . He responded to our counselling ,luckily Mrs. Tina agreed to settle with him after seeing the counselling has changed her husband’s behaviour .Gradually Santu Rui Das was sorry  for his what he has done and also promised to  make up for his fault. Now he is keeping  his  little family in comforts  as much as possible.. From 23.8.2018 they are living together peacefully.  

Sunil Mistri.JPG

Sunil Mistri

The client’s name is Sri Sunil Mistri ,residing  at Village & P.O. Adarshapally,Ashokenager,Kalyangarh(M) North 24 Pgs W .B. 743222,Age 63+ ,Education studied up to class two standard,occupation –Daily labour ,level of income-below poverty . Respondent name are Pakhi Mistri (35),Monoj Mistri(40) by occupation blacksmith ,residing at Shimuliahat P.S. Goplanager, Bangon North 24 pgs.

Rescue from Moral Danger to his daughter Tithi Mistri (16)years.
Mr. Sunil Mistri’s wife late Akhi Mistri had suffered from cancer & left her children (two daughters & One Son)in their youths .One year before his visit in Family Counselling Centre, his  sister in law Mrs Pakhi Mistri & her husband Mr. Monaj Mistri came to the decision that they would take care of Mr. Sunil Mistri ‘s two daughters .At that time his elder daughter’s age was 17 & his younger daughter ‘s (Tithi Mistri)age was 15.One day Mrs. Pakhi Mistri drunk with the money that the brides had offered her ,forced  the elder daughter to marry before she was 18.Mrs Pakhi Mistri didn’t even care about Mr.Sunil Mistri’s concerns. Mrs Pakhi Mistri has performed a crime that is child marriage. Luckily one of Mr. Sunil Mistri’s relatives informed him about Mrs Pakhi Mistri’s evil work .After hearing that Mr.Sunil Mistri decided to get back his beloved younger daughter (Tithi Mistri),But they refused to return her.Mr.Sunil Babu  also came to know that her younger daughter wanted to stay with her father(Sunil Mistri).But after Pakhi Mistri refused ,her younger daughter tried to attempt suicide six months before .After few weeks when Sunil Mistri  again went to get back  her younger daughter ,he saw that they left the house where they lived before .But the helpless father ,out of her love for her little ,beloved daughter tried to find her many times which resulted in failure .At last  a generous teacher of Tithi Mistri informed him that his daughter was physically & mentally  tortured by her aunt & uncle though they gave her proper education & looked after her foods and clothing .Her teacher also told him to get her as soon as possible by giving the address of their current house.
Mrs Sunil Mistri ,scared of his devil sister in law ,came to our family counselling centre  with another client  to seek for help. We first contacted to child line of  north 24 Pgs, west Bengal, P.S. Ashoke Nagar (N)24 pgs, P.S. Gopal Nager (N) 24 Pgs and with their help we are able to resque Thithi Mistri.Then this 16 yrs old girl was placed in Child welfare Committee, Barasat ,North 24 Pgs ,after we were able to hand
over the beloved daughter to her father.

Result:     Thithi Mistri  now happily lives with her father Sunil Mistri &her younger brother. Sunil Mistri didn’t want to punish his sister –in –law & her husband, so the punishment was suspended.

Anisha Begum.JPG

Anisha Begum

Anisha Begum 36 years old. She has four (4) child. Her husband was a drunker and torture her mentally and physically. Her husband sold two children for economic support. But she had no any economic support.
After that her husband created problem and left out his wife. So she lost her mental stability roam around aimlessly. Then she went to pune along with a unknown person in search of new job. The unknown person clopped her all jewellery and money and cheated by him.
Later she back to west Bengal and due to few more problems she started to roam around aimlessly in the area of Kasba. Then the personnel of police station Kasba took her and kept at Swadhar Greh, by the order of 1590/South 24 Pgs District Social Welfare.
Presently her husband is not showing any interest to take her back. When enquiry has been made to her parental house, it has been observed that her parents are ill and financially very poor. But they are keen for her rehabilitation.
Then finally we have GD at Narendrapur Police Station vied GD no- 1197 on 16.03.2019 and with proper signature of Anisha Begum, her mother and Superintendent of Garia Swadhar Greh .She was sent for Rehabilitation.  


Anjali Manna.JPG

Anjali Manna

Mrs. Anjali Manna a teacher of mathematics had lost her way to her own house while she came out from hr house of Golf Green road in in a  purpose she did not identify her house and heading towards a wrong direction.  She started to roam on a road a little for from her home and behaved in a strange way observing the condition a police official brought her to Sonarpur Police Station.
After that the police of Sonarpur Police Station contacted with the authority of Swadhar Greh at Garia for her food, Medicine, habitation and other necessary requirement. The authority accepted their application and they admitted her. After few days her sons lodged a missing diary at jadavpur police station (Golf Green area, Kolkata- 95). With the help of police and earnest of effort of Saujatya, one of whose project works under Jadavpur, they the sons of Mrs. Manna (Rajasree Manna and Prithiraj Manna) able to find  out their mother and brought her back to their home they information that their mother is suffering from dementia to whose treatment is  going a hospital. By the time their father (Pravat Kumar Manna) left the earth for ever with the shock of the missing of their mother. The ensured the authority if Swadhqar Greh tht they will provide all the documents of the treatment of dementia later as the authority wished to go through the case history of the disease.
They told us their father is no more ,they are very happy to bring back their mother and it is quite impressed by the kindness of ‘Saujatya’and amiable behaviour ‘Swadhar Greh’. Being peace they donated a amount of money to the managing committee of the home.


Satadeep Dasgupta.JPG

Satadeep Dasgupta

Satadeep Dasgupta Age 15 years. He was residing at 71c Kalighat Road, Kolkata -700026.His father was Rana Dasgupta and Mother was Bandana Dasgupta. He lost his father in the year 17.01.2010. At that time he was a little boy of ten years and was reading in Mitra Institution, Bhabanipore.
After death of his father, his family fall in economic problem and his relatives began to think how they he will take care of this son and his education future and security of life. At that time they came to know from someone the name of this destitute home Saujatya and his grandmother Kamala Sengupta took him to this home and got permission to keep him in this home as an inmate.
 At the time it is very sad that also he lost his mother. But he is not a student of falling back. He is carrying his studies said by said is showing his Excellency in drawing, music, playing, recreation etc. Hi is a brilliant student. He passed the Madhyamik examination with star marks in the year 2017.
We wish his bright future and with pray his prosperity in life.


Rajib Das.JPG

Rajib Das

Rajib Das an inmates of this Destitute home ‘Saujatya came to this home by the Government order dated 07.11.208. The order no was 426/SWD . His date of birth is 25.06.1999.His mother is Mithu Das and father is Kishor Das. From very childhood he fell into family disturbance , because his father was did not do adjustment with his mother. In that time his mother was very worried about his son and took necessary step to bring him in this home ‘Saujatya’.
He is a brilliant student. He passed the Madhyamik examination with star marks in the year of 2017.We wish his bright future and we pray to god his prosperity in life.


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